The dynamic effects of late mobile phone use on sleep pattern.

The advent of technology has transformed the world into a global village with borders and boundaries removed, as the human race launches into another country to meet friends within a twinkle of an eye without obtaining a visa. This is not a voodoo practice or is it magical; it is an advent of technology through the use of internet-connected mobile phone. Surely the whole world is on our palm (hand). The use of phones span around the 24 hours of human life these days the average Smartphone user checks phone 47 times a day and 17,155 times a year.
Are you aware that using mobile phones late at night can affect your body system?

The use of phone is practically not reduced to just making or receiving calls alone, but it is extended due to multifunction built in it.
Phone is used for multiple functions is a common phenomenon among the adolescent. Its multifunction, especially in the connection to the internet, makes the young people stay glued to its oblivion of the fact that it encroaches into important vital activities. The most vital activity that has been affected due to phone use is the sleep pattern in young people. Young people surf during the day time and the night too, launching from one web to another depriving them of biological necessity which is sleep. 80% of phone users check their phones within 1 hour of waking or going to sleep, 35% of which will do within 5 minutes. (Bankmycell, 2019)

"Show me a man with adequate sleep in terms of quality and quantity, I will show you a man who is psychologically stable". - Owoeye Isaiah (RN, FCWAN) 

Sleep is a nourishment for the brain, as food is to the body so is sleep to the bran. In a normal condition, an average human being has spent 1/3 of their lifetime sleeping. (Reisfield 2018). There would be a reduction if there is an alteration inadequate sleep in quality and quantity. So the question is: Has your phone robbed your brain of its food?  If you are 21 years old, it means 7 years of your life has been spent on bed sleeping. It is just necessary, it is a biological necessity.
 Looking at sleep vividly a normal healthy sleep is characterized by sufficient duration, good quality, appropriate timing and regularity, the absence of sleep disturbances and disorders

Late-night phone use can alter the function of the eyes

 Also, note that;
1. Sufficient duration (According to age: Spelt out by National Sleep Foundation)
2. Good quality (Feel rested)
3. Appropriate timing (hours of the day)
4. Regularity (Follow circadian rhythm)
5. Devoid of sleep disturbances (Beep/flashes from phone)
As we are on different social media platforms, we engage in the following activities on phone.

The following are acts that encourage late-night sleep;
Refreshing pages, checking, responding to messages, reading ebooks, scrolling applications, posting information or pictures, seeing movies, clicking icons or playing games has taken over many lives and it has turned to problematic use as it is grossly impairing lives. Young people are becoming addicted to mobile phones and sleep deprivation are coming up in some of them.
  Looking at the process of mobile phone use impacting sleep, the psychopathology is stated as:
The beam (rays) of light emitted from the screen reduces the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for the regulation of sleep/wake cycle or circadian rhythm thereby inducing sleeplessness so there would be a change in your biological clock (Circadian rhythm) thereby affecting your sleep. Melatonin blood level is said to be at peak at night, thereby induces sleep. But alteration due to rays from the phone screen limits its production hence the sleep deprivation.

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 Effects of late mobile phone use on sleep deprivation:

  • Biological effect: Sleep deprivation can disrupt circadian rhythms resulting in irregular sleep patterns, as well as irregular metabolic, endocrine, and immune responses. Once the body defense is compromised, anything could come up on the system. A gross alteration is Endocrine system favored in a negative pathway. So think of all the systems in the body, sleep deprivation can take its toll on them.
  •  Psychological effect: Inadequate sleep can affect cognitive functioning and has been linked to reduced short-term memory, lapses in attention, anxiety, and depression. The hours of sleep is meant to rejuvenate the working brain cell. It is the brain's food as we earlier stated. The brain cells undergo apoptosis with this, cognitive decline, this brings about a reduction in the level of executive functioning that could grossly impair social and occupational functioning. Show me a man with adequate sleep in terms of quality and quantity, I will show you a man who is psychologically stable.
  •  Social effect: Increased alcohol and drug use, increased sexual behavior and the overuse of prescribed and/or non-prescribed stimulants to counteract drowsiness, irritability, car accident, etc. decreased learning ability, poor productivity, and decreased motor performance, delayed response time, and daytime drowsiness, family and peer conflict.

  There are reported accidents with motorists which root cause is pinned on sleeping on the wheel highly irritable person with sleep deprivation will have a problem with adjustment thereby having a problem with family, friends, and colleagues must be calmed through adequate sleep. To bring about relaxation, since the victims know there is an imbalance (body speaks). Some can further engage in drinking alcohol, use of drugs, etc.

The overall effect of Sleep deprivation through late-night phone use is: The net effect of these effects is a reduction in quality of life which in turn reduces the individual's life span. If we are to take a sentinel statistics, mobile phone use sleep deprivation has set a limit to some life.

Tips to preventing late mobile phone sleep deprivation

  • Set rules for phone use and keep to it. [Like, 9 p.m. to 6 a.m]. The phone can wait till another day.
  • Use clock alarm rather than phone Alarm for wakefulness. Once you are woken up by the phone, there may be temptation to launch into the world (websites).
  • Keep your phone off the bedroom: The flashlight beeping from text etc will not disturb your sleep. The bedroom is meant only for rest and sex if you must have a sleep that is adequate in terms of quality and quantity.
  • Reduce reading softcopy materials switch more to hardcopies, especially at nights.
  • Discipline yourself by cultivating the practicing the habit of not using phone late at night.
  •  To the addicted (Phone addict), help must be sought from professionals. In some western countries, some centers are now open for Internet addiction.
Despite the fact that mobile phone helps in connecting with the world in various ways, the harmful effects it has on our body system should not be overlooked. We should all endeavor to use our mobile phones wisely and cautiously in order to prevent its damaging effects on our system.

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