Health benefits of music.

Listening to song lyrics and dancing to the rhythms is good for the body. Do you know that music is a way of life and food for the body?

What is music?

Music is a form of art which allows individuals to express their emotions or ideas via important ways. Music has being in existence right from when man was created. Human beings listen to music at work, school,ceremonies and festivals to express themselves.

 Do you know that minutes by minutes numerous music are written and produced?

Music appears in our daily activities,there is no living organisms whether animals or human beings that doesn't deal with music every day. For instance, animals use music to communicate with one another likewise human beings in passing of messages across to people.

Types of music
There are different types of music,  be it indigenous or modern music such as:
1. Art punk e.g college rock.
2. Blues e.g African blues,gospel blues etc.
3. Children music e.g sing-along and story music.
4. Comedy e.g novelty,parody music and etc.
5. Country music e.g dance music,break dance
6. Classical e.g ballet,opera, orchestra and etc.

Benefits of music to health

We might wonder if music is beneficial to one's health! Of course, the power of music influnce on health can't be underestimated.
1. Music reduces stress after a rigorous activity.
2. Music enhance performance.
3. Music makes people happy.
4. Music helps enhances sleep.
5. Music reduce the chance of depression.
6. Music help people eat less.
7. Music elevate one's mood while reading.
8. Music strengthen memories and prevent memory loss.
9. Music relaxes patients before,during and after surgical treatment.
10. Music reduces pain as a form of divertional therapy.
11. Music help Alzheimer's patients to remember things.
12. Music aid recovery of stroke patients.
13. Music increases verbal intelligence.
14. Music raises IQ and academic performance.
15. Music keeps individuals brain healthy.

How music can improve health.
 Music can improve our health in a lot of ways including our psychological life.
Below are 5 ways which music can make us healthier.
1. Reduces stress and relieve anxiety:  Music can prevent anxiety, increased heart rate and systolic blood pressure,and decrease cortisol level which are biological markers of stress.

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2. Music reduces pain:
Music has the capabilities to reduce pain management. Nurses, physicians and other health workers use it as a form of divertional therapy to relief their patients from pain.

4. Music supports exercise:
A larger percentage of the population, listen to songs during their free time or while working. Research has shown that music,   support help people to get a more bang exercise buck which also aid in maintaining healthy weight.

5. Music help to change people mindset: 
This has helped to prevent depression or suicidial risks when people listen to uplifting songs.

Music is life and without music there is no existence of nature and life. Make music, part of your daily activities and listen to uplifting songs.

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