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Health is an integral part of man's growth and development. It gives s man a sense of happiness, love, and belonging which makes him contribute to the economic, social, reproductive and technological development of a nation. Little wonder... -Health they say is Wealth!! Nursobroadcasto

PSI is glad to have you here! You are about to acquire a scientific knowledge that will lead to changing poor habits and unhealthy lifestyles to healthy living, help develop a sense of responsibility and well-being in preventing disease,, promoting health, maintaining good health and prolonging life.

Pink salt initiative is a blog designed with the intention of disseminating adequate health information about prevention diseases and promotion of health to Nigerians and the world at large.

Pink Salt Initiative

What is Pink Salt Initiative?

Pink salt initiative is a health campaign platform and non-governmental organization that is designed and aimed at disseminating adequate health information to the public to meet the need and solutions of people's health and wellness in order to function optimally in the community and live a healthy life in order to contribute our quota to nation development in the most efficient manners and effective outcomes.

On this platform, we ascertain that you will receive the best information (family and reproductive health, nutrition, disease prevention,food-safe, y and hygiene among others) on how to live a healthy life and contribute your own quota to the society and be a voice of CHANGE. 

Your health care; our venture, health education; is our chore. When you learn, you acquire knowledge that leads to change in attitude with the adoption of healthy practices to maintain healthy lifestyles, towards achieving a  healthy generation.

Our Mission

Rebrand and promote the health and wellness of the people of all ages through adequate health information: using most efficient and effective measures.

Our Vision

Make health information available at the people's doorsteps and help them enjoy optimal health.

Our Aims and objectives

  • To increase awareness and enlighten the public on measures to take in promoting their health and wellness.
  • To make the public understand the relevance of good health in their day to day activities.
  • To bridge the gap between health caregivers (nurses, physicians, pharmacists, nutritionists, etc)and health care receivers (the public).
  • To make people have a change in attitude towards their health (agents of change).

Our Motto

Think wealth; think health.

Our services

Community medical outreach.
Health education.
school health campaigns.
Health shows on media platforms.

Health information services include.
Advocacy and social mobilization
Women's health corner.
Men's health corner
Nutrition tips corner.
Family health tips.
Emergency care information.
Environmental health upkeep
Skin and beauty
Diseases and management
Health Inspirational quotes and poems

Our Targets

Individuals (young, adolescents, adults,  pregnant and lactating women and the aged irrespective of gender).

Pink Salt Initiative Disclaimer

PSI does not affirm any specific management for medical conditions and before starting any treatment please consult your physicians or health care providers at reputable health institutions.

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